What's on at St Aidan's?

Grove Church St Aidan's is a community for people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, life stages and histories. Apart from our Sunday services, there are numerous activities and groups that happen during the week and throughout the year. Attending one or a few of these events can be a great way to get to know people and be involved in the Grove Church community.

Follow the quick links below to find out more about different groups and events. For a comprehensive view of what's on this month, have a look at our calendar.


We have programs for kids of all ages, full of fun and Jesus!

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CREST is full of fun times hanging out with other youth.

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SALI is the women's ministry group at Grove Church St Aidan's.

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SCOPE provides seniors with an opportunity to meet together.

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English classes

English classes for speakers of all levels and backgrounds.

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Divorce Care

A support group to help people heal from separation or divorce.

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