Meet our staff

Mat Yeo

Mat has been our Senior Minister since 2003. He is married to Sarah and they have five children. Mat's hobbies include playing with the kids, fishing and exercise. Mat has primary responsibility for 8AM church.

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Greg Ball

Greg is our Senior Associate Minister, primarily responsible for 10AM church and the children's programs. He is married to Michelle and they have four children. Greg enjoys cricket, cycling and hanging out with the family.

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Brian Barker

Brian Barker is our new Assistant Minister who started at Grove Church St Aidan's in January 2019. He is responsible for 6PM church and oversees youth/young adults ministry. He is married to Michelle and they have two children.

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Emily Lane

Emily is our part-time Student Minister who studies at Moore Theological College. She heads up the STAKS Sunday school team on Sunday mornings and attends the 6pm service in the evenings.

Amanda Jeavons

Amanda is our part-time Communications Director who keeps busy managing our website, social media, newsletter, blog and other communications. She also works in content marketing, and enjoys reading, writing and soccer.