10am Weekend Away 2021

Our 10am Weekend Away is back for another year of growing together as a church family. The 2021 speaker is Cameron Munro, Senior Pastor at Trinity Church – Brighton in South Australia and the theme is “Loving God with all our heart, soul and mind”. Cameron will be focusing on the 10 commandments, how we see them fulfilled in the New Testament and what this means for how we love God today.

Date: 7pm, Friday 12 March – 2pm, Sunday 14 March 2021
Location: Youthworks Deer Park

Key Dates:
10 February – Registration closes for anyone with dietary requirements. Please fill in a rego form and send any anaphylaxis plans to [email protected] by this date.
21 February – Registration closes for everyone.

For more information, talk to Clint or Julie Paton, or Greg Ball at 10am church, or make an enquiry by email.

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