English Classes are returning live!

The renovations are finished! Grove Church is open again and English classes are back in person! 教会改建已经完成 Grove Church St Aidan’s 英文班回来了

Join us on Thursday 3 September 2020 at 10am. 日期和时间: 2020年9月3日早上10点

  • Come and see our new classrooms 来看看我们的新教室
  • Learn about our COVID safe plans 了解新冠病毒的安全计划
  • Reconnect with friends 来见见老朋友们

Please wear a mask. Come if you are well and haven’t been in contact with anyone with the virus. 带上你的口罩 如果你最近身体很好,没有与任何新冠病毒的病人接触 过,请来参加我们的聚会。

We would love to see you again! Invite your friends! 我们很想再次见到大家。带上你的朋友

We offer English classes at Grove Church on Thursday mornings during school terms. People with all levels of English, from all different language backgrounds are welcome to attend. Native English speakers from our church run the classes. A $2 charge per week covers the costs of all materials.

When: Thursdays 10:00am to 12:30pm (during school terms)
时间:每周四上午 10:00am -12:30pm (寒暑假除外)
Where: Grove Church, Cnr Hillcrest Ave and Lansdowne St, Hurstville Grove
Basic, intermediate or advanced English speakers
Cost: $2 per class
费用:2澳币 每堂课