Who we are & why we exist

Grove Church St Aidan’s has been meeting together in the suburb of Hurstville Grove since 1927. We are a community of people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, life stages and histories. Together, our mission is knowing Christ and making him known.

We don’t exist because we are particularly good or moral or religious, but because of what God has done for us in sacrificing Jesus on the cross.

We exist for God:

We exist to honour, praise and glorify God. He made us, he sustains us, he saves us and he lives with us by his Spirit. We want the world to know he is God and that there is no other.

We exist for others:

We exist so that anyone who does not yet follow God or serve him can have the chance to hear about him. We want to make the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ known to others.

We exist for ourselves:

We exist to teach and encourage one another in our knowledge of God and the Bible. We want to love, serve and encourage one another in living godly lives.


Meet our staff

Mat Yeo

Mat has been our Senior Minister since 2003. He is married to Sarah and they have five children. Mat's hobbies include playing with the kids, fishing and exercise. Mat is responsible 8am church and overall church direction.

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Greg Ball

Greg is our Senior Associate Minister, with responsibility for 10am church and children's ministry. He is married to Michelle and they have four children. Greg enjoys cricket, cycling and hanging out with the family.

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Brian Barker

Brian is our new Assistant Minister who started at Grove Church St Aidan's in January 2019. He is responsible for 6pm church and oversees youth/young adults ministry. He is married to Michelle and they have three children.

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Amanda Jeavons

Amanda is our part-time Communications Director who keeps busy managing our website, social media, newsletter, blog and other communications. She also works in content marketing, and enjoys reading, writing and soccer.

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10 Year Vision 2018-2027

In March 2018, we launched our vision for the next 10 years at Grove Church St Aidan's. As our mission statement says, we are about knowing Christ and making him known. To that end, we have four main focus areas for the next decade:


That we have Jesus' heart for the lost, leading to greater witness and people being saved.


That we respond in love to the changing face of our community.


That we deepen spiritual maturity among our members.

Under 30s

That we enable our under 30s to develop a deep, joyful and persevering faith.

2020 Building Project

We're building, but we're still open.

If you’ve walked or driven past our church recently, then you may have noticed a change! We’re undergoing a major renovation which has been in planning for a number of years. This work will bring our old building up to 21st century standards by improving accessibility and safety, as well as make the space more versatile for its many uses throughout the week.

The building project is expected to take approximately 6 months, having started in February 2020. Most importantly, we are still open and it is business as usual during this time! Although some of our regular events have moved off-site temporarily (SCOPE seniors ministry, English classes and FunTime playgroup), our Sunday services and Friday afternoon kids and youth activities (Kids Club, KiC and CREST), as well as all other events unless otherwise specified, are still on-site in the church side of the building, which remains in use during the renovation. As our main entrance is part of the construction zone, entrance to the church is now through the side door on Lansdowne St.